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Emily McKissick Diaz

My husband and I joined a company over 14 years ago that focused on personal development to ensure we would grow a successful legal insurance business by growing more of ourselves. Personal development to me meant attending motivational seminars, reading great books that included concepts and ideas that when applied to our life would inspire positive change and most importantly surrounding ourselves with positive, motivated driven mentors who emulated who we wanted to become. Through my journey, I was able to successfully build a business with hundreds of associates across the United States, build a strong foundation in my marriage and create a lifestyle that included time freedom and residual income. I attributed all of this to commit to becoming a student and advocate of personal development.My life became incredibly full of blessings and self-creation that I wanted to find a platform that I could share this with the world. I came up with the idea to create a curated subscription box book club of the month business. Each box includes handcrafted items from local businesses, two bonus items that fit the theme of each book, a gift to give someone and most importantly a personal development book to read as a community each month.


My subscribers join a weekly call where we can chat about the concepts and ideas from the books and be able to “evolve out loud.” The goal is to challenge my subscribers to grow with each book that comes along. At the end of every month, we host a Live book club to build community. The philosophy behind the Enlightened Warrior Book Club is that the more you can grow yourself in good and not so good situations the better person you can become and create ripple effects for others to do the same. We believe that the Enlightened Warrior Book Club can inspire each subscriber to become the best expression of themselves… one book at a time.

Our Vision

Enlightened Warrior Book Club is one of the most inspiring platforms that you will receive every month in a box. The idea is to inspire both Women and Men to have the desire to become the best expression of themselves one book at a time. The box contains an enlightening book, both fiction and non-fiction along with several items to help create a calm, peaceful, growing environment. There are always two new bonus items included in the box each month. It is a great gift for someone exploring their journey in life as well as for yourself. 

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